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Parliament cigarettes are the most prevalent cause of fatal fires in Oregon and across the nation. Now a bill that would require tobacco companies to sell only self-extinguishing cigarettes in Michigan is headed for a vote in the Senate. Proponents say the measure would save lives and reduce the number of forest fires. Industry lobbyists agree the cigarets are safer, but they require a more expensive paper. New York and Canada already require the sigaretes, which will burn out if they aren't being actively smoked. The bill seems likely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate but could face problems in the Republican-controlled House, where members have expressed little enthusiasm for the idea. Today the House of Representatives and Senate are more interested in the matters interstate discount smokes online trade. Oregon was the first state to consider requiring self-extinguishing sigarets, but proposals failed in 1981 and 1983. Massachusetts authorities are considering the same law applicable to brands such as Chesterfield,Camel cigarettes,Lucky Strike cigarettes, Marlboro miles, Pall Mall, Parliament cigarettes, Winston cigarettes, Virginia classic, Parlianent cigarettes, etc. Among the opponents of such law practice there is a huge percent of common smokers who prefer to smoke usual premium or Cheap Cigarettes. But anyway even if such law passes they would have an alternative to buy cigarettes online in online smokes shops delivering imported cheap smokes right to your door. Buying discount cigarettes online gives an opportunity to get for example cheap camel cigarettes,cheap kent cigarettes, cheap marlboro cigarettes, cheap parliament cigarettes, cheap salem cigarettes, cheap winston cigarettes, cheap Chesterfield cigarettes and so on. Thus when you buy smokes online in web cigarette stores you benefit twice: 1. Your favorite Marlboro cigarettes that you do not need to light up again and again are delivered to your home 2. You receive cheap cigarettes that save you up to $20 USD per carton if compared with marlboros that you can buy in a local shop. Theres one good reason more to buy cheap cigarettes online from non-US companies. Such stores usually do not report about their customers cigarete purchases to US Tax Authorities and smokers do not have to pay high taxes for their favorite cheap marlboro lights cigarettes, Chesterfield Ultra Lights, Rothmans Special Mild cheap sigarettes or simply Marlboro miles.

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