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Silver-lovers Are Always Welcome Here - Essential Information on silver and silver jewelry: The History of Silver, Silver Pocket Watches , Sterling silver, Silver Care, Color and finish of silver, Hardness of silver alloys, Ring Sizes, Silver Facts, Gift Ideas for Dad, Real Jewelry Ideas

Precious metal - GOLD - jewelry - Since the beginning of recorded history, gold has played a significant role in society. Over the centuries it has remained the noblest of metals, the ultimate currency and the only universally accepted means of exchange.

Titanium Jewlry Informational Resource - Originally used in aerospace and salt water projects, titanium jewelry is now becoming one of the most popular choices among other jewelry. Men's rings are especially popular due to their light weight feel, durability, and affordability.

Your best Jewelry Guide .:. Join and Enjoy - Jewelry manufacturers are ready for the look, offering plenty of alternatives to help you either spice up your colors .... rings are literally an extension of your personality. From simple bands of gold, silver, or platinum to extravagant displays of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, rings state your mood... Only certain types of metals are recommended for your body piercings. Metals used for piercings shouldn't react with body tissues. Some of the options are metals... Most likely more than any other type of jewelry, earring styles reflect the times we live in. Tiered diamonds reminiscent of an elegant era...

All about platinum jewelry - Platinum is the finest, purest and rarest precious metals on earth, and has an understated elegance that appeals to both men and women. Many jewelry designers and manufacturers feel that platinum is best suited for both diamond and colored gem jewelry because it is strong and durable. Platinum prongs show little wear, and thus offer precious stones greater protection.

Bridal Jewelry Review - Jewelry For Your Wedding, Hair tips,History of Engagement Rings, Your Own Design, Diamond Ring, Ring Cleaning, Wedding Rings Engraving, Bridal Jewelry reviews and information, Bridal Jewelry Info. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Our goal at is to help you enjoy planning your wedding. Whether you are planning an elegant formal wedding, a small intimate country wedding, a second wedding, or elopement, please use the wedding information as help.

Vintage and Estate Jewelry Information - Estate Jewelry, Art Retro Jewelry, Edwardian Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, Swarovski Crystal, Vintage Costume Jewelry, Art Deco Story, Information, Articles. Antique jewelry has its own unique character which cannot be copied and imitated. In most cases antique jewelry is handcrafted. It has exquisite craftsmanship and a very special whimsical surrounding aura, which sets it apart from all other jewelry, however beautiful and expensive they maybe.

Fashion and Gemstones jewelry - Best fashion jewelery. It doesn't matter is it summer, autumn, spring or winter. We like wearing fashion jewelry. Jewelry and fashion accessories are something that make us prettier and nicer.

Men's Jewelry Advices, Reviews and more - Jewelry design experts say mens jewelry is not just a passing fad. Designers and retailers are devoting more time, attention, and store space to mens jewelry than ever before. Men today are showing the same desire to want to show their identity to the world, and theyre at ease and confident enough to complement a watch with a bracelet, necklace and ring. More varied forms of jewelry have become socially acceptable for them now.

Complete information about gems and jewelry - complete information about gems and jewelry. The world is so colorful, so why settle with plain, boring jewelry when you can buy colorful ones set with beautiful precious and semiprecious gemstones. You probably surmise that gemstones add character and personality!

Looking for fine jewelry? There are very few places in the world where you will find such a wide range of famous names and superior brands all in one place - and at significant savings over U.S. prices!

Shopsik's unique merchant heritage allows us to gather exceptional jewelry from all over the world. There is something for every individual taste here, and local jewelers are careful to offer only pieces of quality and value in all price ranges.

Besides the internationally known Designer names that you will find in many stores, be on the lookout for locally designed pieces that reflect our island heritage and tradition. There are several beautiful collections of Bermuda jewelry which make lasting souvenirs or treasured gifts.


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